Beware of Counterfeit Products! September 4, 2015 18:18

It's been barely a couple months since Pet Thunder launched on Amazon with the Better Petter, but we are thrilled to report it has been a smashing success! However, with great success comes cheaters looking to cash in on our hard work.

It has come to our attention that there have been several sellers on Amazon claiming to sell the Better Petter (including UMI Direct, Pettom, and others that have come and gone quickly).

Don't worry though- we'll show you how to make sure that you're getting the real thing! If you're buying Pet Thunder products from Amazon, make sure the listing says "Sold by Pet Thunder and Fulfilled by Amazon."

Below is an example of who NOT TO BUY FROM. Don't buy from them, or your product will be counterfeit.


How could this happen?!

Unfortunately, this sort of thing is not that uncommon. However, luckily Amazon is on the side of legitimate manufacturers like us, and will likely take action to protect our customers.

I already accidentally ordered from the wrong guys. What happens to me?

Don't worry! We've got you covered. We will be happy to send you an authentic Better Petter. Simply send an email to, and we will send one to you straightaway, free of charge.

How will you prevent this in the future?

I'm glad you asked!

Amazon has a neat program called "Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP)." It is only available to manufacturers who have easy to open packages that are recycling. You know, manufacturers like Pet Thunder! We will get our packaging certified as FFP, and then anybody who attempts to list a counterfeit product will have to prove they also use FFP standard packaging. Since only Pet Thunder branded FFP packaging will be accepted afterward, only authentic Pet Thunder merchandise will be available.

What's gonna happen to the bad guys who lied about selling Pet Thunder products?

We don't know for sure, but we're big believers that bad actors will reap what they sow. As long as our customers (and their pets!) are happy, then we're happy.